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Why choose us?

At Booths Realty, we understand the needs of property investors. And we go to great lengths to ensure those needs are met. After all, client satisfaction has always been - and always will be, our number one priority.


Key aspects to Effective Asset Management

We know that the key aspects to successful property investment are:

  1. Careful tenant selection
  2. Skilled lease negotiation
  3. proactive communication
  4. Effective marketing
  5. Expert rent arrears management
  6. Cash flow management
  7. Thorough Inspections & maintenance procedures
  8. Comprehensive financial reporting

When all eight of these factors are expertly managed, the end result is an investment that remains well maintained and well tenanted, delivering excellent return on investment which secures cash flow and peace of mind.


We’re your asset management partners
We see ourselves as Partners in your Residential Property Investments. We treat each property as if it were our own which ensures we provide help, advice and guidance in any and every way we possibly can – just the way it should be!


Our Integrity
At Booths you deal with the owners of the business – this is not a franchise – it is our own personal reputations we are upholding. We ensure you are always dealt with passionate and personal service and not left to just feel like another number. You are relevant, your happiness and satisfaction are key and it is our job to ensure that. Integrity, respect and trust are vital for our ongoing mutual success.


Single Point of Contact

You will be given the name, direct phone number and email address of your personal Property Manager You can contact them directly with any questions you may have about your property at any stage 24/7. Our key point of difference is our personal service. We understand you aren’t thinking about your property between 9-5 Monday to Friday. 


Extreme Effectiveness

  • Booths Realty begins with finding the right tenants for your property. When marketing your property to its full potential, we go the extra mile.
  • Multiple viewings throughout the week and private viewings allows flexible access to prospective tenants.
  • Getting the most out of your property is easy and straightforward with us.

Let us Find a Suitable Tenant in the Quickest Possible Time


Your Property Manager is 100% focused on finding you a suitable tenant in the fastest possible time. We have a database of qualified prospective tenants ready to rent properties today. At Booths, we only recommend the best, high quality tenants for your property. If we feel a tenant is not suited to your home, we won’t recommend them to you just to lease the property.


Lets Maximise your Rental Return

Once your property has been leased, we are constantly monitoring rental levels and initiating rental reviews to ensure your property receives maximum returns. Each Routine inspection, we will review the rent and ascertain where the property sits in the current market.


Our Zero Tolerance Rent Arrears

Our priority is to ensure you have the security in knowing your rental payments will be on time every time.

We have rigorous procedures in place to ensure no tenant is in arrears. Due to this Booths Realty can proudly say 99.5% of our tenants pay their rent on time, every time.



24/7 access to all your investment information.

Availability of information and transparency are vitally important to Booths Realty – Landlords are able to enter their own personal portal providing 24/7 access to information including:

  1. Rental Statements (including disbursements)
  2. Inspection Reports (including photographs)
  3. Invoices
  4. Detailed graphs to visually show your profit and loss for your property



Detailed Property Inspections

Every detail of your property is carefully recorded and photographed to ensure that you are not held responsible for any tenant damage. The initial ingoing inspection reported is accompanied by hundreds of photographs ensuring there is no room for negotiation or argument when a tenant vacates your property. Every wall, every window, every mark will be photographed prior to a tenant moving in.

During the tenancy, we conduct quarterly routine inspections. Again, to accompany these reports we take copious photos to ensure you know exactly how the tenant maintains your property.



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